Loss is a topic seldom told through a queer lens, but when crafted and executed honestly, it has the power to embolden our perspectives on each other — as well as ourselves. After all, love is humanity’s greatest story, and it’s beautifully expressed in the first season of After Forever, an eight-episode series streaming on Amazon.

The show, co-created by Emmy-nominated TV writer and playwright Michael Slade and actor-writer Kevin Spirtas (Days of Our Lives), was nominated for 10 International Academy of Web Television Awards — and won one for best female performance in a drama series (Cady Huffman). The show stars Spirtas as Brian, and Mitchell Anderson (Doogie Howser, Party of Five) as Jason, a “50-ish” gay couple living in New York City who appear to have it all — until Jason’s untimely death forces Brian to think about his own future and ultimately his own mortality, without the love of his life.

“We as gay men, after we’re no longer 35, we tend to disappear from popular culture until we’re Christopher Plummer — asexual down the hall with a cat,” argues Slade about why this depiction is so important. The writing process was also cathartic for Slade, whose partner, Richard, died of cancer several years ago. Read full article…